Helan Online

Rare alternative perspective

Helan Online offers a rare alternative perspective in Chinese for a young public – nearly all other western media is blocked, the perception of western media ( and more often the west)  amongst young Chinese people is that it is hostile to China – we offer a counter-narrative showing people who have made different choices from different cultural backgrounds. It tackles the problem of tunnel vision when it comes to the outside world for young Chinese people.



Through dialogue Helan Online seeks to expand the boundaries on the discussions connected to human rights, Good governance, democracy and sexual rights. These topics are heavily censored and /or  social taboos in China. Helan Online offers  a fresh take filling a huge gap in those subjects since China’s mainstream silenced and most western media are blocked.

Vigilant state censors and a culture of accepting authority mean China’s mainstream media fail to offer a broad range of opinions and perspectives on human rights, democracy and citizen engagement, sexual rights and freedom.

Strict censorship against international media means hardly any media organisations from western democratic countries manage to really reach Chinese audience in China, nor can they have a foothold on China, human rights and democracy are overshadowed by political indifference among China’s younger generation.

Therefore, from the (media) consumer’s side, certain groups of Chinese are looking for platforms where they can explore stories and examples of the common values of western democratic countries.  From client side, Dutch MinBuZa also needs an effective tool for their diplomacy towards China. Helan online can satisfy such needs and fill in the information gap. Furthermore, Helan Online also has a huge potential to be a communication tool for Sino -NL relation in the areas of economics, cultural exchange, education, development cooperation and dialogue.



  • Helan Online (on behalf of RNW) is one of the very few international media organisations that is accessible in China, others are Financial Times, Wallstreet journal Chinese, Reuters Chinese.  We provide international perspectives and different angels comparing with Chinese media in China.Helan Online is the frontrunner in the current context of media convergence, we provide multiple media products and we also organize media related activities.
  • Helan Online’s columnists are all top-ranked bloggers, opinion leaders and young change makers.  Their articles are exclusively written for us.
  • Helan Online has an unique and different positioning. With the motto of every voice counts,  it fills the information gap and redresses sensitive/taboo topics. We believe that freedom is the fundamental right they need to enjoy.  Helan Online aims to have an objective, neutral and non-judgemental  tone of voice promoting the idea that  “every voice counts. ” HO works with works with a range of partners from individual opinion leaders to new media organisations, from Chinese state media to China’s local grassroot goups. Apart from In-depth analysis, columns from Chinese opinion-makers, mirroring, personal perspectives on current events and personal stories of social change, helan online also offers playful and thought-provoking videos, games, infographics,  cartoons and visual content. The various social media sites host lively conversations. On top of that, helan online also organizes themed forums and experience sharing activities to combine online discussions with offline dialogues, engaging young people in friendly even fun ways.