RNW is an independent media organisation active in China and 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Arab world, where freedom of expression is severely restricted. RNW offers information unavailable in local media because of legislation or taboos

RNW productions

Each brand producing a video has to start each video with a 4-second pre-roll. The video ends with an 8-second post-roll.


The pre-roll shows the RNW logo, accompanied by speech-balloons containing the words Free & Speech in the language the brand serves. After 2 seconds the RNW-logo changes into the brandlogo without any accompanying balloons.

Example: Arabic Pre-roll

In some occasions the speech-balloons in a pre-roll are empty. For example when the texts free or speech will cause the video to be censored, or when the marketingmanager conciders to be out of the brand context. In that case no other texts will appear in the text-balloons.


When there is a wish to leave the balloons empty please contact branding en communications. The pre-roll does not contain audio.



De post-roll is placed directly after the video and contains exclusively the RNW-logo, subsequentlty changed for the brand-logo and the social media addresses relevant to the  brand.

Example: post-roll, social media

The marketing-manager decided which social-media can be showed on the post-roll. Possibly some adresses van be accompanied by QR-codes, when the targetgroup uses these a lot.

Example: post-roll, social media with QR-code

Non-standard content always needs to be submitted to branding en communications. The post-roll does not contain audio.


Lower 3rd & Logo’s in video

During the whole video (except for the pre- & post-roll) the RNW-logo and the brandlogo are shown in the bottom of the screen. These are placed in a transparant layer in accorance with the  predefined brand-template.


Example: RNW- en brandlogo


Example: lower 3rd with in Arab, name and title


De lower 3rd appears from the bottom and contains name and function of the shown person. The lower 3rd is shown for approx. 5 seconds.


Final Cut X Template

For each brand a Final Cut X Template is produced, containing:

  • -        RNW- & brandlogo positoned at the bottom
  • -        Lower 3rd
  • -        Subtitles-positions and font
  • -        Pre-roll
  • -        Post-roll

These templates are used by the camjo’s  and have to be mailed to people that are producing for RNW but are not employees.