RNW is an independent media organisation active in China and 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Arab world, where freedom of expression is severely restricted. RNW offers information unavailable in local media because of legislation or taboos



Starting point of the design had to be a free webfont, resulting in the Roboto-family. This font-family has a lot of variations, it is suitable for a news-organization such as RNW because it has a feel of unpartiality to it and it is has a less noisy appearance. The font-sizes are in accordance with the information-hierarchy:

  • - headlines
  • - subheads
  • - Who What Why (on the homepage)
  • - body text


Headlines are in sentence case since it makes them look more neutral, less noisey, more fitting to the background news we offer (as opposed to HARD news). By adding a background, headers get an extra emphasis, this way enlarging the urgency of the news. Since the website is entirely responsive, the fontsizes scale in the same hierarchy (using three breakpoints).